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Escrever é muito mais do que uma mera paixão, é uma parte de mim!
Na poesia, os pensamentos, as ideias e as emoções ganham vida própria, deixam de ser uma parte do autor e rompem a fronteira do "eu" , abraçando, assim, outras realidades, outras vidas.
Nélson J. Ponte Rodrigues

terça-feira, 9 de setembro de 2014

Keep It Simple!

Maybe you have already wasted too much time of your life worrying about stupid or silly things... It is never too late to change!

Do not worry about those things that you cannot change...Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose! Welcome to the real world! 

Detach yourself from pain or anger and move on. Do not live in a fantasy world. Do not delude yourself! Happy endings can only happen once you decide to cut out of your life all the things and people that spoil your day and make you feel miserable or unhappy, day after day. When somebody treats you like an option, why should you treat that person as a priority? Do not be a dumbass! Face the daily challenges and people as they truly are.

Seek and keep all of those things that bring joy into your life and keep even closer those who make you feel special. Never forget those who support you at all times, especially in times of trouble.

Our time is precious! You cannot turn back the clock! However, you are able to change the course of your life. Once you realise that you are heading in the wrong direction, do not try to find explanations, illogical excuses... Do not do that! You are not a masochist. Right? Be wise! Abandon that sinking ship as soon as possible. No matter how hard you try to keep it floating, it will sink for sure. Quitting is sometimes the best move. Be clever and avoid unnecessary concerns.

Surround yourself with people who truly appreciate you, care about you and know your worth!
Life is not perfect! It is not rocket science! Life is too short... So, keep it simple!
Be practical and "use your noodles", not your heart in stormy days.
Keep fighting your battles! Never give up hope! Life is worth living! Life is a gift... Enjoy it! 

Chase your dreams, find out what is real and what is not, clarify your doubts, overcome your fears and be reasonable.
Try to do all the things that make you grin. In other words, smile from ear to ear and laugh. Laughing is one of the best painkillers... No side effects! (Sore cheeks from laughing too hard... Maybe! ). Then, you will be a lot happier.

Do not bring drama into your life! 
Do you miss someone? Call!
Have you got any questions? Ask!
Do you want to be understood? Explain!
Are you happy now? No! Change!
Do you love someone? Tell!
Do you want to meet up? Invite!
Believe in yourself… Do what you have to do!

Nélson José Ponte Rodrigues

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