Sejam Bem-vindos Ao Meu Blogue!

Escrever é muito mais do que uma mera paixão, é uma parte de mim!
Na poesia, os pensamentos, as ideias e as emoções ganham vida própria, deixam de ser uma parte do autor e rompem a fronteira do "eu" , abraçando, assim, outras realidades, outras vidas.
Nélson J. Ponte Rodrigues

terça-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2016

Out Of Place

Life is an endless race (until you die),
and I am still looking for that perfect place.
I feel so out of hand,
Sometimes people do not understand.
It seems like I am beating the clock all the time.
I do need to fill this void inside of me,
And let my dreams shine
Out of me.

It's so obvious, I can see...
I have been feeling so out of place.
I am sometimes lost without a single trace.
What am I doing in this tiny piece of land?
Just sweating like a pig!
No goldmine to dig...
I know I've got so much to show.
Being so busy I cannot glow!
Take me away...
Take me away from here
Before I crack!
How I would hate that...

Nélson José Ponte Rodrigues

I don't know what the future holds. That frightens me... There's one thing I'm sure of: I want so much more than this. I'm still growing. I want to learn new things, explore new horizons, meet new and interesting people... This is what I call living for a reason! In other words, with a higher purpose, not in vain! I'm still hungry for more! My main concern has been making money, but that's not enough anymore. Besides working hard, I need to have some reasonable spare time for my interests and hobbies. Will I ever get the chance to truly relax? There are so many goals locked inside of me, but so little time to let them come to life. I cannot wait much longer! I know! Fear and determination are in an intense fight... again! I love my country, but hate its rulers. They make me sick. It's about time to write a new chapter!

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