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Escrever é muito mais do que uma mera paixão, é uma parte de mim!
Na poesia, os pensamentos, as ideias e as emoções ganham vida própria, deixam de ser uma parte do autor e rompem a fronteira do "eu" , abraçando, assim, outras realidades, outras vidas.
Nélson J. Ponte Rodrigues

domingo, 1 de abril de 2018

Romance is dead

I thought we could be together,
Sharing the same room forever.
I was just dreaming.
My dreams have been sinking,
Sliding off my hands.
No one understands.

Romance is dead.
So am I inside.
When it comes to love,
I've become cold and confined.

Deceiving should be a felony, a hideous crime.
Only those who have loved as much as I have, get to know the invisible pain that never ceases to exist.
I must admit that you still haunt me at night.
I still dream of you,
Imagining my arms around your waist.
Oh what a waste of time.
You'll never be mine!

Romance is dead.
Trying to forget the past,
But these wounds won't disappear.
They remind me of you.
Then I feel blue…
They are sticky like glue.

Love has lost its flare.
Are you proud?
Have you won a crown?

Romance is dead.
Thank you for shattering my fantasies, my dreams.
I can say
And I will say it loud
Romance is dead.

You have shown me that
Money and power rule.
Most women don't want a man:
They just want to have some fun and two hands full of cash.
This kind of "love" has taken over.
It will last.

Romance is dead!
No more fairy tales
Romance is... gone.
So gone!
Can anyone show me that I am wrong?
Would you show me the other side?

Romance is dead.
I know you are fine,
Romance is dead.
It' not fair!
Now it is official,
Romance is dead!

Nelson José Ponte Rodrigues
26/27 – 03 - 2017

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